Homeopathy : A New Form Of Complementary And Alternative Medicine

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Homeopathy being about two hundred years old is a relatively new form of complementary and alternative medicine. Homeopathy is based on the principle that like cures like, which argues that if a certain substance given to a healthy individual causes the same symptoms as a disease then it will also cure that disease in ill individuals. Additionally, these illnesses are believed to be caused by nonphysical disease entities called miasms. Misasms are what homeopaths believe to be the root causes of diseases. According to homeopaths in order to be cured the underlying miasm must be cured, because merely removing symptoms will not suffice. Because miasms are not physical entities they can arise from a negative state of mind. Homeopathic remedies are thought to treat the miasms in a spiritual way rather than through a concrete molecular basis. The founder of homeopathy believed that miasms effected a person’s “living whole” and that the homeopathic remedies acted in a spiritual way to fix the living whole. Since homeopaths do not know the actual mechanism of their drugs, drug development is purely empirical in nature. In homeopathy, “proving” is the process by which compounds are administered to test subjects who then record very carefully all of their symptoms. This provides homeopaths with data which is then organized into either a material medica or a repertory. A material medica is a data base of symptom patterns and their treatments, while a repertory is a database that lists…

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