Homelessness : The Deeply Rooted Problem Of Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness in America The deeply rooted problem of homelessness has plagued our country from its beginning. The widespread effects of this devastating issue affect over 500,000 Americans every night (Quigley). Two of the major contributing factors of homelessness in America are mental illness and poverty. Governments, churches, and private organization try to remedy these problems. Many people who suffer from being homeless also suffer from a mental illness. Because they suffer from a mental illness, it restricts them from holding a job. It also could cause them to retract themselves from society. After they become homeless, it only worsens their mental state because they no longer receive the correct medications or the correct care to help them get better (The National Coalition for the Homeless). Many veterans, who account for over 50,000 of homeless people, suffer from PTSD. This is a mental disorder that develops after witnessing a tragic event, like war. Veterans who suffer from this struggle to sustain a job or adjust to normal life. Because of this, they usually end up on the streets. While they are homeless they cannot find the correct care to help them deal with the mental issues they had acquired from their service in the war (Meshad). This leads to drug abuse and addictions as a way of escaping memories. This only exacerbates the problem and leads them further into a cycle of homelessness (Fleming). One out of every four homeless people suffer from a mental…

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