Essay about Homelessness Of The United States

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Homelessness in the United states has always been a problem from the early 2000’s till now. Although in January of 2012 a overall point count had 633,782 of homeless people found throughout the united states. Recent studies have an estimate of 1.6 million people using transitional housing or emergency shelters. From all of these people, ⅓ of these people have a household of children, increasing by 9 percent since 2007. Another study has found that 1.35 million children out of the 3.5 million people are likely to experience homelessness in a year or less says the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty. The data shown from the report of 2007 says that, a 6.8 percent of people were no longer homeless. Also that A 3.7 percent of people that have families found houses,

Like I mentioned earlier 1.5 percent of children in America will be homeless each year. In 2013 the number has increased significantly. going from 1.5 percent to one out of 30 children being homeless. in 2013, there was a guess of 57,843 homeless veterans in the United States ; or 12 percent out of all the adults homeless. The 3 countries that have the highest homeless rate for youth under the age of 18 would be Florida, Texas, and California. Being 58 percent of the total homeless youth under the age of 18.

What is the cause for homelessness? For one the failure of urban housing projects. They failed to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing for the poor. To add on. many workers could not…

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