Homelessness Is Not A Temporary Problem Essay

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A husband sent to Rikers Island jail, and a protruding belly with another baby on the way, Belgica is $5,000 in debt from rent. In New York City, she had just lost her job in February and is being taken to court by her landlord. Her next option is to go to a homeless shelter, where it costs the city $100 a night to provide for one family. In one year, New York City spends $870 million that goes towards emergency beds. On average, many families will be without a home for 415 nights . The rise of homelessness in America rises thirty-two percent as more families are getting thrown out of their homes and entering homeless shelters(nipped). Homelessness is not a temporary problem that policymakers can solve with just a piece of paper. Even with government regulation, homelessness is increasing rapidly.

Many people perceive homeless people as those just living on the streets that panhandle for money. The McKinney Act defines homeless people as those who do not have a permanent address, stays in a shelter, or public and private areas (Vicic). A research from the NSHAPC recorded that fifty-nine percent of all homeless people are single adults and sixty-two percent are families. And minorities make up twenty-four percent of the homeless population (Handbook). Most are usually single man wandering on the streets (Sand castles).They are usually younger.They tend to have been in their cities for a long period of time. Hispanics or Blacks tend to be in their middle ages. Many…

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