Homelessness Is Becoming An Epidemic Essay

1477 Words Nov 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Homelessness had been a significant problem in the United States for decades. There are many arguments about the reasons for homelessness such as psychological and financial factors for starters. Everyone has an opinion on why homelessness is on the rise, but no one seems to have a good solution. In the united states alone, “the number of homeless families has rose by close to 30 percent between 2007 and 2009” (Champion, 2010). Homelessness is becoming an epidemic. It is quite indisputable that homelessness in America has no singular clear explanation or definition. It is caused by many risk factors, including structural risks and individual risks. The more a person is exposed to these risk factors the greater risk they have of becoming homeless. This also increases the chance of a person remaining homeless. When looking at the homeless population there are certain areas for them that are more of a problem than for the rest of the population. They experience certain health problems, problems with drugs and an increased crime rate. They also have to consider shelters and government assistance. When looking at homelessness there are many different things that play a role in its development. One of these things is the government and the progression of the country. One explication of the epidemic of homelessness relates to capitalism. Those who are homeless lack social, economic and human capital. This is in addition to the fact that many who are homeless have a low level of…

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