Homelessness Is A Thriving Problem Throughout The United States

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Jerred McGuire is one of the thousands of homeless citizens who live on the streets of the United States today. Jerred once lived with his mother and his two younger brothers, until his mom died in a tragic car accident leaving Jerred with the responsibility of taking care of his brothers. Jerred was only nineteen at the time of this tragic incident, with no job and only a high school diploma. Now Jerred is thirty one, and homeless. His brothers moved on with their lives, selfishly forgot about Jerred and have decent well paying jobs. Jerred mostly lives on the streets; he has tried to stay at a shelter but they are so overcrowded he is not guaranteed a bed every night. In the city Jerred lives in, there is only one men 's shelter. The small rural city Jerred lives in wishes to build more shelters but there is not enough funding for any additional shelters to be built at the moment. Homelessness is a thriving problem throughout the United States. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness, “As of the last, official count, about 564,708 people experience homelessness on any given night in the United States” (1). Shelters across the country are overpopulated. Most cities do not receive an appropriate budget for existing shelters and for additional shelters to be built. Thousands of people like Jerred are forced to live on the streets of cities, because they have no other place to stay. Homelessness is growing rapidly throughout this country and the homeless need…

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