Homelessness Is A Problem Of Homelessness Essay

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Homelessness is nothing new to the world, especially America. In fact, homelessness was first documented in America in the 1640s (Fischer 2011). America has a long past with homelessness. However, there is said to believe that homelessness is caused by a large range of issues. Many people (typically conservatives) believe that the homeless people are fully responsible for their current situation. Others (typically liberals) believe that homelessness is caused by our society. Whether both of true or not, it reflects on how society has saw homelessness throughout the years in the United States. Homelessness is a very controversial topic and a serious social problem. Urban communities and rural communities both have different perspectives of the homeless population. Society expects everyone to have a safe and secure place to live, but society is not always willing to help the cause. Symbolic interactionism consists of how society behaves to what they believe and think. Surprisingly, society is divided into Urban living and Rural living. Both do not fully agree or compromise with their beliefs on homelessness. Rural communities are more enclosed, sympathetic, understanding, and united. When rural residents see homeless people, they are more conscientious. They see homelessness are an issue and they want to see a change. However, urban communities are the exact opposite. Homelessness was so much part of the urban landscape that many people at the time considered homelessness a…

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