Homelessness Is A Matter That People Do Not Take Into Concern

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Homelessness is a matter that most people do not take into concern. One experiences homelessness because of several reasons such as losing their home because of money, mental illness, domestic violence, or being born without a home because their family is homeless. However, the homeless population is viewed as criminals, drug addicts, or just lazy. Nowadays, homelessness is a subject that man Americans are facing. A homeless person tends to be associated with the images of sleeping on sidewalks, in parks, and under buildings even if no one strived to live like that. However, most people and the government treat them like they do not have value and force them to leave the place that they get rest, and judge them because of their terrible situation. The homeless cannot help themselves after they experience life out side of their home, so they need a government to change the policy to help homeless individuals in Denver. Nevertheless, it seems like no one is paying attention for them. As the Denver Post declares, “Denver begins another sweep of the homeless from Lawrence Street Campus” (1). The homeless are in need of help from the federal government and people who can help homeless to end their street life and create a suitable living.
According to Jamie the team of Urban Peak created a policy in 2003 to help the homeless in Denver and provide a home and job opportunities (463). The important thing for them was to stop and end homelessness. Nevertheless, their policy is not…

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