Homelessness Is A Major Problem Today 's Society And I Am Essay example

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1. Introduction
Homelessness is a major problem in today’s society and I am writing this to provide information on the subject. Homelessness is when people young and old all over the world don’t have a home to go to at night or at all, but being homeless doesn’t always mean sleeping rough in a park or on the side of the road. In my report I will have information on, homelessness in Australia , why people are homeless, people likely to become homeless , effects of homelessness.There are 3 types of homelessness, primary homelessness, secondary homelessness and tertiary homelessness.
1.1 Primary Homelessness

Primary Homelessness when people don’t have conventional accommodation for example sleeping rough or in dwelling like sleeping in cars.

1.2 Secondary Homelessness

Secondary Homelessness is when people are forced to move from one temporary shelter to another for example moving from emergency accommodation or staying at a friends or relatives.

1.3 Tertiary Homelessness

Tertiary Homelessness is when people live in accommodation that falls below minimum standards. This can be a boarding houses or Caravan Park or a house hold that is over crowed.

All of the above factors cause homelessness for a person and could also be the reason people stay homeless. For example drugs and alcohol is a big effect of homelessness it also causes domestic violence or family instability and also a lot people become homeless from that also.

2. Homelessness in Australia


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