Shawshank Redemption Movie Essay

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In the prison movie Shawshank Redemption, there is a character named Brooks who finds himself newly released from prison after being in it most of his life. Now, I know not everyone has seen this movie; I would even go as far to say it is a “dad movie”. The movie however, has an accurate portrayal of how life outside of prison is desolate and often leads people to perform life changing actions that they would otherwise not have done if they were left in prison. (Shawshank Redemption scene) Let’s, for the rest of the paper, imagine we are talking about Andreas. He is a made-up character that is going to be a guide from the point he gets out of prison to his ending. He was arrested as young as 19 for getting into drugs. After serving his sentence, he is much older now and just got released from prison. When someone is released from prison, they are often lost and confused. They have been around a power ladder for so long within the prison system …show more content…
People think that because someone went to prison they are evil to the core and deserve nothing more than to be cast away in society. Some of these same prisoners that are portrayed to be evil did their crimes because that was the way they were raised or to mealy survive. Some were even punished excessively for these crimes. This is shown with a man who was convicted at the age of 17 who was promised reformatory by the judge but then was sentenced to a 20-40 year term (Musmanno). Not everyone in prison is an angel sent from heaven but not everyone is a devil to the core. There is a wide variety of reasons people are there. A judge even went undercover in a prison and remarked “…what really surprised me was the absence of the criminal face we read about. In a prison population of over a thousand I saw only a score or so faces that seemed vicious" (Musmanno). Everyone has a reason for what they do to end up in prison. Not all are vicious

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