Homelessness In A Homeless Home

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Homelessness is a single mother working at a local dinner making minimum wage and still not making ends meet. A homeless person looks like the guy you used to go to school with. He is the man that used to greet you every time you passed him on the sidewalk. Your favorite teacher, was just getting too old to continue to teach. She is the neighbor down the street whose house went into foreclosure over a simple mistake. They are the soldiers returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan and coming home was not all that they had hoped it would be. They came home to nothing and no one. One wouldn’t think that an old friend from the neighborhood would fall on hard times, start drinking and life would slide downhill from there. They come from all income brackets and from all professions and walks of life. Sometimes it is someone with mental health issues, sometimes it is a Veteran suffering from PTSD, sometimes it is a working mother with kids who can’t put food on the table. Homelessness exists worldwide, despite some perspective that homelessness is a problem that one brings on themselves that America can’t do anything to help. However the American people can do so much to help bring their fellow veterans, families, and loved ones off the street and into a home by coming to realize that homelessness exists, lowering the bar for transitional housing, and by creating more jobs. The …show more content…
Contribute to the misery and homelessness of approximately 730,000 people in the U.S on a given day. And because there are not enough jobs many are left to panhandle the money they need in order to make ends meet. “Homeless people who panhandle without an official permit, or who break the rules may be required to pay fines, pay to $500- a stiff penalty for someone whose source of income is panhandling- or can be arrested and many spend up to 60 days in jail”(Spectator

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