Essay on Homelessness : Does Anyone Deserve It?

1230 Words Apr 28th, 2016 5 Pages
Homelessness: Does anyone deserve it? When it comes to a person being homeless, there are certain factors that tie in that others who have never been in this particular situation should take into consideration. Should everyone who becomes homeless be offered the same type of aid and help? Should the government offer equal programs to all who may fall on desperate times? Should only some of those who become homeless be offered help and others just forgotten about? To me, the answer is yes we should help all those in need. Yes, we should be able to give equal opportunities and programs to all those who are in need. I feel that it is unfair to treat one person different than the other when it comes to needing shelter, food and clothing. Homelessness is something that has become a very big deal in our country and in the world. By taking a look at different situations, maybe people can make a difference by knowing how to treat others and helping those in need. No one deserves to be homeless and out on the street. Everyone deserves to be offered help when needed, even if certain circumstances make it seem like they really don’t need help. There are a lot of issues that leads a person to become homeless, and it is not our right to judge anyone. The person who is homeless could have lost a job and just could not keep up with the bills anymore. They could have had some medical issues that caused a mental illness which resulting in them not wanting to live where they had a normal…

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