Homelessness : Causes And Solutions Essay

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Homelessness in America: Causes and Solutions
Homelessness is one of the major downfalls of the United States in society today. Many Americans suffer from health deficiencies, continuous street bullying, and frostbite in the winter due to the fact that they are homeless. But, why are there so many people in the United States who are homeless? Many Americans will answer this question by stating that homeless individuals just need to “get a job.” Unfortunately, in many cases, this is easier said than done. Many homeless individuals cannot just simply “get a job” due to the following three main factors: substance addiction, mental health issues, and foreclosure. The focus of this paper is to define these three factors, defend why they are the main causes of homelessness, and provide solutions for each that would lessen the proplem.
Alcohol and drug addiction among the homeless population is a significant problem in America today. Substance abuse is often one of the leading causes of homelessness in many cities around the Unite States. Drug and alcohol abuse disrupt people’s lives in various ways such as causing individuals to lose their jobs, disrupting family relationships, and even causing mental health issues. These losses may result in homelessness due to the severity of the addiction.
A 2008 survey by the United States Conference of Mayors asked 25 cities for their top three causes of homelessness. Substance abuse was the single largest cause of homelessness for…

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