Homelessness And Outdoor Tents By Gale Holland And Peter Jamison

771 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 4 Pages
In recent years, homelessness has increased rapidly, especially in the county of Los Angeles. From conducting search on the keyword “homelessness,” I found that there are a lot of people in the Los Angeles county who has been homeless for a while and it has been increasing continuously. According to the LA times, “L.A. sees another sharp rise in homelessness and outdoor tents” by Gale Holland and Peter Jamison shows that homelessness developed in the last year by nearly 47,000 people in the street and shelters regardless of an exhaustive federal push that has cut the levels of homeless veterans by nearly a third. People without homes have to face many obstacles. In the city of Los Angeles, the population raised steadily by nearly 5.7% percent in 2015, as the local officials failed to recognize the funding for billion dollar plans to solve the problem one of the area’s most difficult problems. In addition, number of homeless women across the whole county were counted separately such as Long Beach, Glendale, and Pasadena since they have increased from 9,348 to 14,461 in 2013 (Holland and Jamison). According to the LA times article, the situation was getting poorer day by day for homeless people. Therefore, Mayor Eric Garcetti and Peter Lynn, the homeless authority’s executive director said that most of the increases that happened in the last few years was compelled by homeless people who were younger than 25, there were about 3% who were younger homeless people in the…

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