Homelessness And Its Effects On People Essay

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Homelessness can be defined as people who are living in a place not meant for human habitation, in emergency shelter, in transitional housing, or an existing an institution where temporarily resided. This issue is a major problem and it needs to be resolved. People are suffering from poverty and they don’t have a home to stay in. Homelessness can be explained by five major components such as ways to resolve poverty and homelessness, causes of homelessness, impact on people who are homeless, obstacles people face trying to resolve homelessness, and last but not least, what people are doing about poverty issues. Thousands of human beings aren’t in good living conditions and poverty is impacting their lives. Homelessness has a huge impact on people because large amounts of individuals are in need of a home, trying to find work, and living chaotic lifestyles.

Since homelessness is such a big concern around the world there are ways homelessness can be resolved, All around the world men, women, and children aren’t in vigour conditions, they struggle to find homes and get out of debt. Experts say “People affected by poverty have to be participating in efforts of ending poverty. People affected need to be major participants in the intervention” (5 Ways to Fight Poverty). People who are impoverished need to be apart of the resolution in order to end homelessness. They need to put effort in and have the determination in order to . It 's important for those that are involved to…

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