Homelessness And How People Can Help The Homeless Essay

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1. Introduction
Homeless is a big social issue that happens all around the world no matter how rich or lucky your country is. Australia is considered to be the lucky country but we still have homeless people. Homeless people are everywhere you may not see them but they are there. Anyone can become homeless it all depends on how your look upon life and your believes and morals are. The aim of this report is to make people more aware of what homelessness is and how people can help the homeless. Also so people don’t judge homeless people as much because it is that their choses to be homeless some had unsafe family’s and ran away from home with no place to go.
2. What is homelessness
Homelessness is when a person does not a happy, safe, and secure home or place to stay. Homelessness is when people are living in unsafe environments like the streets and they have no money for food or other thing that makes people have a happy, safe, and healthy life. Some homeless people have a safe place to sleep and stay but don’t have a home. The place that homeless people have a safe place to stay is homeless shelters where they have a bed and good food to eat.
2.2 What cause homelessness
There is over 105,237 people in Australia that are homeless and many ways that caused them to be homeless, some of the cause are domestic violence because if you have an unsafe home life like a parent or partner is being violet towards you or another family member it makes an unsafe place…

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