Homelessness : A Social Problem Essay

1484 Words May 15th, 2016 null Page
To understand social problems, sociologists must observe society, rather than the individuals themselves, to gain a better understanding of social problems and how they came about. This is because sociologists believe that despite the personal experiences that individuals might undergo throughout their life, it is social forces and social structures that construct their behaviours and actions (Thio & Taylor, 2012). Furthermore, this paper will discuss social problems and the constraints that they place on society. Also, homelessness in Australia will be analysed and discussed. What homelessness is and recent statistics will be analysed in order to prove how homeless is a social problem from which society benefits from. Homelessness will then be linked to the Functionalism social theory and discussed within that frame.

The term social problems do not have a concrete definition, sociologists have however agreed upon a broader explanation. The term can be best defined as a social condition, the pattern of actions or behaviours undertaken from individuals within a society that are seen as undesirable and are condemned of by the majority of the society (Leon-Guerrero, 2005). As the societies views and ideologies change, so do the perspectives of what a social problem is or is not. This, as a result, meaning that behaviours seen as social problems at one certain time might not be seen as a social problem in the future or vice versa. In contrast, social problems such as…

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