Homelessness : A Complex Problem Throughout The United States

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Homelessness has become a complex problem throughout the United States, especially in the last few decades. This issue affects every single person in our society, regardless of background, age, gender, and social class. Homelessness is not a problem we can solve overnight, but if communities come together and focus on different aspects of the issue, such as lack of shelter space and access to basic human needs (hygiene products, food, water, clothing, etc...), life would drastically improve for the less fortunate population. In California, specifically Marin County, the homeless population has escalated severely within the last couple of years. In Marin County, one of the many problems that homeless people face every single night and it gets increasingly harder to deal with due to the rising population. That problem is shelters never have enough room on cold nights for the amount of people who need a bed to sleep in, therefore they resort to the streets again. Being homeless anywhere can be difficult, but it might be even harder to be without a home in a wealthy community. One would think that in a upper class county such as Marin, there would be plenty of money to help the members of the community in need. Sadly, Marin County is lacking funds to help the homeless. Although some people may argue that Marin county should direct its funds toward permanent housing rather than shelters, the homeless population in Marin desperately needs immediate shelters. This problem is made…

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