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Homeless Youth General Education Capstone October 14, 2013 Homeless Youth Homelessness affects many youth today; 46% runaway because they express their gender identity, and or sexual identity because their family rejects them, 43% are kicked out by parents also known as thrown away. Youth also take more things literally then adults, so they feel misunderstood especially when they are opening up about their sexual lifestyle. Homelessness in youth is worldwide and needs a world wide

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Yet we would argue that boys and young men are also victims of domestic and international sex trafficking, indeed, that research has found equivalent rates for them as for young women”(2012).

In this news article written by Bigelsen, J. (2013, May 24). Discusses how today’s homeless youth are being sold into trafficking. Although this is based in New York I can see from research that this is happening everywhere. These youth are not able to find food or even shelter so they end up selling themselves or are in the wrong group, or in a relationship and are forced to do unmentionable things.

If there was enough safe houses or places they felt secure then these teens would not sell themselves for food, and could get help and guidance that is needed. The author’s perspective is that with the right funding’s, and people to help these youth, they would not have to sell themselves. In an article written by End Homelessness in 2011 they stated that” an estimated 100,000 children are victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSE)”. These kids use what is called “survival sex” to meet their needs while on the streets.

As stated early by End Homelessness the estimated 100,000 who are victimized, points out that housing for these kids is in lack of due to non-funding and the places that are available has time stipulations and a waiting list. So even if these youth did get in they are only allowed to
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