Essay about Homeless Veterans Of The United States

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Introduction In 2009, President Barack Obama and VA Secretary Eric Shinseki, set out to eliminate veteran homelessness within a six year time frame (National Alliance to End Homelessness, 2015). While they may not have succeeded in eliminating veteran homelessness by 2015, their plan has certainly set things in motion. In January 2015 there were a reported 47,725 homeless veterans in the United States. This is a four percent decrease from 2014 (The State of Homelessness In America, 2016). In that same year a Point-In-Time count was taken in the State of Oregon, which showed there were a total of 1,467 homeless veterans (Homelessness in Oregon, 2015), of which twenty-six homeless veterans were accounted for in Marion County. These numbers are an increase (2.4 percent) from the twenty-one homeless veterans accounted for in 2014 (Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency, 2014). This slight increase raises the question of whether the programs provided in Marion County are doing a proper job of servicing those veterans in need. Year after year communities all over are taking President Obama’s goal and responding to veteran homelessness. Housing and services programs are being put in place in order to help these veterans become rehabilitated back into society. In Marion County alone, there are a number of organizations that provide a number of services to homeless veterans. However, with a show of a slight increase in homeless veterans over the past year, what are these…

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