Homeless People As A Homeless Essay

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Lets think about this, you are a homeless person due to the fact that there are many new companies moving into your city which cause the housing prices to go up. You work a small paying job barely managing to get by. Eventually you are either fired or laid off due to budget cuts and it is now really hard to get a job due to all the new technology that you are not used to working. Over time you will become in debt or get ran out of your home forcing you to sleep in the streets or try finding room in the only shelter of your highly populated city. People will call you names, minimize you with disgust, and some may even be violent toward you. By witnessing forms of prejudice exhibited toward the homeless in San Francisco, I have come to understand the injustice and inequality that they face throughout the city, all of which has helped me to see and not ignore homeless people as a group but see them as individuals; this attitude is how I try to personally overcome prejudice.
Homeless people in San Francisco is a good way to explain how wealthy people seem to treat poor people with inequality and injustice as opposed to natives that are used to them. For example in San Francisco the homeless are treated very unjustly not only through how the society treats them but also through the police department. In my opinion it is not morally right to criticize nor minimize an individual due to their appearance because you do not know what they have been through. Just because they seem…

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