Essay on Homeless People Are More Homeless

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The majority American response to a homeless individual is one of instant disgust and fear, even though they haven 't met the person. Imagine walking through a city and glancing to the ground only to see a homeless man lying in filth on the sidewalk, surrounded by his few belongings. Most people would scuff at them and move along but these people all have stories to their privation. Homeless people are often conceived as "bums" but many have faced a lifetime of struggles and unimaginable hardships. With that, there are different categories of homelessness and a variety of causes, hardships, shelters, and solutions. Homeless people can be divided into three groups: chronic, transitional, and episodic. Chronically homeless people are likely to use shelter as long-term housing, older, long-time unemployed, suffer from disabilities or substance abuse. Transitionally homeless people are younger and probably have experienced a catastrophic event. They are only homeless for a short time. Episodically homeless people are young and shuffle in and out of shelters. They tend to become homeless episodically but often do have struggles such as chronic unemployment, health issues, and substance abuse problems (“Homeless People in America”). Factors contributing to people losing their homes and becoming homeless are infinite. Causes consist of financial problems ranging to mental problems. The prime cause is poverty. Poor people are frequently unable to pay for housing. Difficult choices…

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