Homeless People Are Dependent On Their Resident City 's Shelter System

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Most homeless people are dependent on their resident city’s shelter system to protect themselves from severe weather conditions. If city officials don’t formulate concise response plans, homeless shelters won 't be able to accommodate the influx of people without access to another shelter. Some of these people are forced to stay in the cold or other harsh weather conditions. As a result, numerous homeless people suffer from conditions like frostbite and hypothermia during the winter due to the lack of precautions and treatment in addition to the lack of shelter. Solutions for reducing homeless deaths caused by hypothermia range from moving the homeless out of the streets to different vicinities like semi-trailers and storage units.
In 2014, nearly 600,000– 578,424­ to be exact– homeless people live in the United States; about a third of this population doesn’t have access to shelter. This third of the populace suffer the most when areas across the nation– even the warmer areas in California and Florida– experience wind chills and temperature drops. According to Rebecca Sturgis and Neil Denovan of the National Coalition for the Homeless, 700 people at risk or are experiencing homelessness are killed by hypothermia in the United States, despite the fact that the ailment can be easily treated. Though there are numerous shelters across the nation to support the troubled and homeless, the National Coalition for the Homeless forecasts that 44 percent of all homeless (3). In…

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