Homeless : Help For The Homeless Essay

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Help for the Homeless
Vacaville, Ca and its surrounding cities are plagued with homeless people as are many others in America. It only take a short amount of time to recognize this as a reality as for the aforementioned, as there are many of them on numerous corners with signs asking for help in the form of handouts and food to eat. Tsai, Kasprow, & Rosenheck (2013) stated that although homelessness has been an important national problem in the United States for more than three decades and various homeless services have been developed there is little understanding of the matching of the diverse needs of this heterogeneous population to different types of services (p. S239).
This country is so quick to spend enormous amounts of money helping those abroad that is strikes me to the core that we cannot help all of our own citizens as well. It is not to say there is no help for homeless people as there are many places available to assist them in different ways. I feel there must be some disconnect, the help is not reaching all of these desperate people and consequently, they are still on corners with his or her sign. Vacaville has a rich history in agriculture and has been home to many seeking work in this area. Vacaville’s beginnings found settlers staking out ranches and then farming the land. This eventually gave way to major agriculture production. At one time Vacaville was the fresh fruit capital of California, shipping fruit and nut products throughout the nation The City…

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