Homeless Ethics Paper

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Jessica Faulter
Instructor Bazer
3 September 2013
The Homeless Perception and Reality I come from a fairly large city in California so I’ve been around many homeless people throughout my life. I’ve had good and bad experiences when it comes to being around them and dealing with them. My initial view of the homeless is that they are somewhat lazy and that a lot of them are on drugs. I feel this way because I’ve seen and dealt with so many sick, obnoxious people on the streets aggressively asking for money. I always think to myself, if I were in that situation I would find a way. There are so many resources that help people get back on their feet. Instead of begging on the streets, I would go get help. Instead of asking
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Anyone can become homeless. I know so many people my age living paycheck to paycheck, what if those people were terminated from their jobs unexpectedly? What would they do about their rent, etc.? Most people who have to live paycheck to paycheck can’t afford to put money aside in savings for emergencies. They could easily become homeless. When thinking about it, either of my parents could easily become homeless. They no longer live together and my mother is currently depending on governmental income due to injuries. She was hurt severely in a car accident a few years ago and had to file for disability. She was tremendously upset about it because she’s worked her entire life, and she loved her job. She had to accept that her life was going to be different. If her social security benefits stopped, I don’t know what would happen to her, and that’s such a scary thought. Homelessness is a major problem in today’s society whether people realize it or not. As for my own moral code, I can’t turn the other cheek and judge people who don’t have the same advantages and blessings that I have had. I always wonder about the people who have just given up on life. What could have happened in their life that was so bad that it made them feel hopeless and depressed enough to just give up. Most of us will never know what that is like because we live such privileged lives, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t real.
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