Homeland Security, Homeland Defense, And The Role That The Department Of Defense

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Before 2003, the United States was exceptionally vulnerable to terroristic attacks. The Department of Homeland Security was developed to prevent, protect, respond, and recover the United States. This research paper will examine the overall concepts of homeland security, homeland defense, and the role that the department of defense plays in protecting our country. Furthermore, it will provide a brief overview of our nation’s critical infrastructure, and the role the department of homeland security plays in protecting it. To fully understand the missions of homeland security, we must first decipher the difference between homeland security and homeland defense. According to Bowman (2003), homeland security is defined as a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, reduce the vulnerability of the United States to terrorism, and minimize the damage and assist in the recovery from terrorist attacks (Bowman, 2003). Furthermore, Bowman (2003) describes homeland defense as the military protection of United States territory, domestic population, and defense critical infrastructure against external threats and aggression. It also includes routine, steady state activities designed to deter aggressors and to prepare U.S. military forces for action if deterrence fails. Homeland security has three key concepts. Security, which is to protect the United States, its people, vital interests, and way of life. Resilience Foster of the individual, community,…

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