Essay about Homeland Security And Homeland Defense

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Midterm Assignment

Since the inception of nations, countries and borders, security and defense has always been paramount. The security of its people and defense of its infrastructure are vital to not only the sovereignty of a nation but the well-being of its citizens. Throughout history we have seen nations fall and governments toppled due to its inability to protect itself from both insider and outside threats. America has witnessed these situations time and time again since its birth in 1776. It has also had its own fair share of attempts to cripple its defenses and collapse the country from within. Understanding the concepts of homeland security and homeland defense are vital to preventing, preparing for and minimizing the effects of attacks to America.
This paper will discuss the missions, tasks, duties, responsibilities, operations, resources needed and utilized in homeland security and defense. Further, it will highlight the overlapping responsibilities of each and my own definition of both of homeland security and homeland defense. Additionally, this paper will provide an overview of America’s critical infrastructure concerning its relationship to homeland security and homeland defense, the resources needed to protect it, an assessment concerning its protection and ways to address identified vulnerabilities.
After the September 11th attacks, the United States could no longer think of homeland security and defense as after-thoughts. While homeland defense…

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