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UNIT 1 Deadline as Apr 6
Question 1 Son, Ha, MA
__________ compensation is the psychological mindset of performing a job. Son
| | Extrinsic | | | Intrinsic | | | Base pay | | | Discretionary |
Question 2
Which of the following stakeholders requires that companies comply with all employment legislation? Son
| | Employees | | | Line managers | | | Executives | | | U. S. Government |
Question 3
COLA (Cost of Living adjustments): Ha
| | are tied to changes in the price of consumer goods. | | | are part of seniority pay systems. | | | reward employees based upon the achievement of individual goals. | | | are offered as a type of merit pay. |
Question 4
__________ is
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Compensation professionals must instruct employees about their training choices and how successful training will lead them to increase their pay and development for promotion and more opportunities to do so.
Line managers, compensation professionals use their expert knowledge of the laws that influence pay and benefits practices to help line managers make sound compensation judg ment. They will ensure that there won’t be any discrimination of gender and that both gender will be entitle to similar pay, it will depend the position they are in.
Executives, are professionals when it comes to the employee compensation by evolving and handling complete compensation systems. The executives look at these requirements that these entitlement are met with all compliances are appropriate within the legislation. If not done appropriately and they dishonored the fines are very substantial to the employers.
Unions, is a collective bargaining on terms of employment and reached between employer and employee and it will be managed by the union. Compensation professional are the ones responsible for their pay and benefit and it will be clearly stated in the agreement contract.
U.S. Government requires that companies comply with all employment legislation. Compensation professionals apply their expertise regarding pertinent legislation to design legally sound pay and benefits practices.
Question 7 Son, Ha
Why is strategic compensation important for the long-term

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