Essay on Home Schooling vs Public School

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Home Schooling vs. Public Schooling
By: Krystal Walls

If you have children that are school age you have probably have thought about the options of home schooling vs. public schooling. You most likely have thought about how much would it cost or the amount of time it takes to teach home schooling. With the news articles out there about things that happen at schools you most likely have thought about how that would be on your child as well. One of the last things that most parents think about when choosing to home school or not is how your child’s social skills will develop. There are many different articles out there on this topic. The following essay will give you an indebt description of the
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Now some might say that it is harder to provide social interactions for children when they are home schooled. This is not always true because there are sports and activities that children can join even if they are home schooled. It just takes some research on the parents and child’s part. One downside to home schooling is the children learn in a non-diverse environment were working in a group might not exist. Public schools on the other hand are able to give children the chance to learn how to work in a group and in a diverse social environment. Now some pediatricians think that home schooled children are less mature. This can be argued because it is also proven that home schooled children will tend to start acting like their parents, unlike how a child that is in public school will start to act and start to socialize like their peers. So it could be said that they are mature faster. It is all in your personal perspective of things and how your child perceives things around them and in their own personal perspective of things. In conclusion there are many options when it comes to home schooling and public schooling. Some people either like or hate the idea of home schooling, and it is not for everyone. You first have to figure out if you have the time in your life to stay home with your children because home schooling certainly takes more time, devotion, and money then public school. This is perfect for the

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