Home School And Public School Essay

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I have a dream; that one day, the majority will accept home-schooling as an adequate alternative for the current public school system. For years, most people have stereotyped home-schoolers as strange and incompetent. I cannot say how many comments I have received such as “You’re home-schooled? But you’re so normal!” However, in the last ten years, studies have proved that home-schooling well equips a student for higher education and even social settings, challenging the opinions of many (Sheehy). Years ago, my parents faced the decision on how to educate me. Since then, I have had the unique opportunity of experiencing both home-school and public school environments. However, this decision is not simply made by flipping a coin. In order to decide between home-school and public school, one must not overlook the social and extracurricular opportunities, the educational aspect, and what role the family plays in education.
Probably the most well known argument against home-schooling is the lack of social opportunities, compared to those available at a public school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average public high school in Virginia has 1,076 enrolled students (Rohr). Such a large number of kids means large class sizes, and a social opportunity around every corner. Although even home-school “co-ops,” or groups, cannot compete with such large numbers, home-schoolers still receive the necessary interaction for proper social integration. At a…

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