Essay Home Language And Academic Language

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Home Language 's Place in Academia All around the world, students are currently being forced to conform to a single language: academic language. It is believed that using academic language grants students superior communication abilities and will aid them in their lives after school. While this may be true, home language is not valueless. In fact, a combination of home and academic languages creates a more vivid and meaningful context. The goal of schools should be to prepare students for their futures. Students should be made proficient in communicating with potential future employers and co-workers. This means having the ability to choose the most appropriate language for any given situation. If students only fill their knowledge with academic language, they only have one language to use and academic language is not always the best option. Incorporating home language in schools gives students another language to utilize. They will also learn how to combine the languages to suit their needs, creating a versatile person that employers seek to hire. Through consistent exposure to multiple languages, students can more effectively mold their way of speaking or writing to fit their audience. In an article about linguistics by James Paul Gee, he writes that discourses are “ways of being in the world; they are forms of life which integrate words, acts, values, beliefs, attitudes and social identities as well as gestures, glances, body positions, and clothes” (Wardle 484). An…

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