Home Is The Place That Is Home Essay

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Robert Frost once said that “Home is the place that, when you go there, they have to take you in.” The definition of home is different for everyone. Some people consider home to be where their friends are or where their family is or even where they grew up. Whatever home is to a person, everyone eventually leaves and moves on to a different place. Leaving home and being away from home can be a beneficial experience by allowing a person to grow, but it can also be hindering because a person has to face their problems for the first time on their own.
In an article, “Home is Where the Heart is, but Where is Home?”, the writer describes home as “the place where you feel in control and properly oriented in space and time; it is a predictable and secure place” (Laux 2). Home is the feeling of comfort and acceptance. It is where people can be themselves and be loved instead of judged. Home can be found in friends, family or a physical place. There was a survey taken in 2008 asking people where they are from. The survey showed that “twenty-six percent reported that ‘home’ was where they were born or raised…eighteen percent identified home as the place they had lived the longest, and fifteen percent felt that it was where their family had come from” (Laux 2). Surprisingly, only “Thirty-eight percent of the respondents did not identify the place that they were currently living to be ‘home’”, and “only twenty-two percent said that it is where they lived now” (Laux 2). As a society, the…

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