Home Is A Place Of Security, Belonging, And Feeling Essay

1288 Words Nov 9th, 2016 6 Pages
Home is a place that we all have lived in, but how do as humans point out what is our home and what is not?. Being human beings, we all have grown up in a place that raised us to be the person that we are today. Sometimes,there are those that feel that where they are born is not their true place and would consider another place as their true home. Places that we consider our home can range from a house, apartment, or even an orphanage. Home could be any place that you love or show pride for.It should also be a place of security, belonging, and feeling as though the people around one care for him or her. Home is often mistaken for having the first place one has to have lived in to be considered his or her true home; making others feel lost. In other cases, people look into it as though they don’t truly have a home in society or maybe even the planet and that is never true. In reality, the word “home” has many definitions than what the basic dictionary shows us. From a borderline point of view, home is just a place that we live in. People could be living in places like a house, apartment, orphanage, and maybe even a tent, etc. For example, I live in an apartment that my family pays rent for and sleep in every night. There isn’t any other place that I stay in whether I like it or not. It maybe where I live in but should I really consider it my home if I don’t like it(I like my home)? Must I consider it my true home if I had not liked it? Looking at it in a one point of…

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