Home Health Care And The Aging Baby Boomer Generation Essay

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Home Health Care and the Aging Baby Boomer Generation
“A so-called silver tsunami is headed toward U.S. health care and the country is ill-prepared to deal with the fallout.”(Mitchell 34) The silver tsunami that Dr. Mitchell refers to is the baby boomer generation. As the Baby Boomer generation reaches retirement age, there will be a significant increase in the need for home health care. With increased health care awareness, this generation’s longevity will surpass any previous generations. Home health care needs will increase, which will cause the home health care industry to grow in order to meet the demands. To meet this increased demand there will need to be increases in the medical work force.
The baby boomers are the product of a post-World War II population increase beginning in 1946 and leveling out in the middle of 1964. This significant increase has caused the dynamics of home health care in the United States to dramatically change its projected effects on the future job market for health care medical providers.
As the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age or their golden years they will be the largest population to date. Baby boomers were born of an era of relief after many years struggle. This new generation did not produce the large families of the past. With the children born in the 50’s to the 70’s a new American ideal was born. People were more involved with their personal lives this resulted in smaller families. This in turn has caused the…

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