Home Health Care And Hospice Workers Essay example

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Home health care and hospice workers that are highly skilled, compassionate and care for the aging society. There are numerous hospice and home health care available throughout Mobile country that provide excellent service to all people from all various culture and Socioeconomics status to assist families and the person. For Example Alacare, Gentiva Hospice, and Aseracare. One organization that stands out is Aseracare, which is part of a larger organization called Golden Living Corporation that were established 1964, second most substantial that cared for over 3.5 million people. Including with other satellite companies such as Aegis Therapies, Golden Living Center, 360 Healthcare Staffing, Ceres Purchasing Solution and Aseracare (Golden Living, n.d.)
Aseracare was established in 1994 in Plano, Texas and has increase over 19 states that provides exceptional care to families and to the individual that had been diagnosed with acute illnesses, short lifespan of less than 6 months to live. Including provides specialized medical care to improve the quality of life. These agencies exist to assist families to care for their loved one, provide emotional support and grief counseling. In addition, Aseracare staff provides high-end quality care to various health issue the patient and Families experience in the personal home or nursing home setting. Aseracare has several volunteers from all walks of life such as college students, working people and retired bodies to provide patient…

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