Essay on Home From A Long Day

1426 Words Dec 7th, 2015 6 Pages
After a long day’s work, Jim comes home from his labor-intensive job as a car mechanic tired, stressed, and frustrated. His customers today were particularly wearisome because he had trouble keeping up with an overload of car repair request that seemed to flood the shop within the last couple of days. What made matters worse was the fact that two of his assistants called in sick because of the flu, forcing him to take on a triple workload. Pushing thoughts of such a horrible day out his mind, he toyed with the thought of releasing some of his pent up frustration with the idea of going to the gym, or even better, a nice long jog. He should go; he had not been in months. Instead, Jim made a beeline for his living room, plopped down on the couch, and turned on the television instead. He continued to flip through channel after channel the rest of the evening while ignoring his three-year old son who wanted to play toy cars with him, a phone call from his mother wanting to invite his family over for dinner, and later, a request from his wife to sit on the porch and view the stars. His evening habit has now become a daily routine, and his attitude worsens each day as he continues to ignore his family in favor of drowning out the world through television. Across the planet, many people have access to modern technology and entertainment, and with that, television. Television has definitely has changed the world providing society with accessible entertainment, news, and…

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