Essay on Home Depot, The Pediatrician, Ob / Gyn And Chili 's

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Have you ever needed something, but did not have the transportation or it was too far away? This is a question that most can relate to in some way. Growing up in a small town this is something that was often faced and the commute to the “big city” was sometimes a daunting thought. The hour or more drive, terrible traffic and the crazy drivers, but it is what had to be done to go to the movies, Home Depot, the Pediatrician, OB/GYN and Chili’s. While some may not be able to comprehend the idea of this it is the life for many people living in small and rural communities. Not all of the everyday needs are readily available to the people of these areas, especially specialized health care (Amundson, Bruce). Living in a small community comes with many benefits, a familiar area New Roads, Louisiana is known for its rich heritage, French Colonial homes dating back to the 1700’s and a community who embraces its history ( Buildings that once served the community are now blighted and in need of a new purpose. Due to the increasing amount of abandoned buildings and the lack of specialized healthcare, rural communities are in need to utilize and repurpose existing structures to provide viable healthcare facilities for the people of the community. This will allow the people to get involved in restoring the community and receive the specialized care that is needed. The purpose of this study is to research the possibilities of collaborating two needs in a community and making…

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