Home Depot And Nike Mission Statement Essay

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Home Depot and Nike Mission
The purpose of this essay is to analyze Home Depot and Nike’s mission statement. The essay will explore both corporation mission statement, the way it motivates employees, how they offer services to their customers, with community involvement that surround each company. The report will give detailed information of how both organizations will inspire their employee and offer great service to each customer.
Nike’s main reason for existence is to follow through on their mission, vision, values, and goals with their stakeholders, customers and employees. Nike’s mission is “to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.” (Nike,2010) The company looks towards everyone being an athlete. The founder Bill Bowerman says, “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” (Nike,2010) The statement speaks for the company’s strategic goal of drawing all consumers in the world by offering sports shoes, apparel and equipment. That’s why Nike pushes their three main components of innovation, inspiration, and every athlete in the world.
By Nike being the leading manufacturer of sporting shoes, apparel, and equipment, the corporation inspire all consumers to instill a winner mindset, that is covered by inspiration, that shown in the mission statement. Nike slogan of Just Do It constitute their inspirational goals while their mission statement, put importance on innovation. With their every athlete in the world specify Nikes mission statement target every…

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