Home And Identity Essay

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Identity refers to the different qualities, expressions and beliefs used to make a person unique. There are plenty of factors that can influence a person’s identity but I choose to believe that a person’s identity is molded by the physical environment they are placed.

Home; the most important place in a person’s life and definitely the most important place that influences a person’s identity. Home is where I was born and raised as a child – a place where I first cried, laughed, smiled, walked and grew. Home is where I became the person I am now.

When I was younger, I loved the idea of moving house – the idea of having a brand new home. Whenever I saw cartons of card boxes around the house, I would ask my father where we were going and he
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Home is a place beyond just four white walls. Home is an environment. Home is a place that shapes you and develops you into the person you are today. Home is a place that evokes that feeling of security, comfort and love. It is the feeling of relief that washes over me when I walk through the main door after a long, tiring day. Home is never just about having a roof over your head. Home is identity. According to Wikipedia, homeless people tend to feel “out of place” and a “lack of identity” because they no longer have a place to call home. Hence, home is recognized as an “extension of one’s self and …show more content…
Home can also be a place where I become myself, a place where I feel most grounded. Back at my secondary school, there is a tiny café located at the corner of the path leading to my school. The aromatic smell of coffee beans that greets me when I enter the café, the amicable smile on the owner’s face as he welcomes me. At that moment, I feel contented. At that moment, I feel at home.
Home is a word that is so simple yet it embraces a vast meaning to it. Home is a reflection of us; it reflects our beliefs, our values, our memories and most importantly, our identity. The reason why we decorate our rooms or our homes is to make the place reflect who we are as a person and the way we decorate it shows our innermost self. Ultimately, the word “home” can take on many form, be it your favourite café, your favourite bookstore or even the playground you go to often when you were

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