Essay Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic

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As a Person of God and a member of the Body of Christ through baptism, God calls me to serve others as He served during the incarnation. God calls us to take part in Jesus ' life, death, and resurrection, or the Paschal Mystery, so we can share in Him and experience His life on earth. In addition, as a member of the Church, I am called to demonstrate in all that I do the Marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Through my service at Field Elementary, I was not only able to reflect Jesus ' life, death, and resurrection in the Kingdom that is "now," display the Mark "one" of the Church, and make a significant positive difference for the children that I served, but also gain a deeper understanding of my desire to serve others. Service at Field transpired mainly in two areas: the classroom and the after school program. In the former, I assisted teachers with passing out papers, explaining activities to the children, and offering assistance to any child who either asked or refused to complete the assignment. With a little coaxing, or the promise of a friend to help, most would acquiesce and do the assigned work. This allowed the teacher to spend more time with the students who genuinely needed a more in-depth explanation and needed further instruction to grasp concepts instead of wasting their precious time telling a kid to focus on their work. The assistance of a teenager provided invaluable help to the teacher, as oftentimes many classrooms needed help, but…

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