Holocaust : The Holocaust Museum Essay

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Holocaust Museum
As I walked towards the entrance of the holocaust museum thinking I was prepared to experience the events of such catastrophic event soon I learned that it was definitely not the case. The first thing that I saw was one of the few scrolls to survive the fury of the Nazi fires when they tried to extinguish the beliefs of the Jews. All the pictures on the walls of people living their life right before Adolf Hitler came into power were so happy, displaying people with feelings and family and love and a beautiful culture to offer the world. The most impacting event that will forever be burned in my mind is that when Hitler had already convinced the German’s that Jews and impure races had to be “dealt” with. The Jews were sent into the Ghettos where thousands of people were forced to go and live under conditions that were less that humane with starvation, insanitary conditions and places that were overcrowded. I kept walking around the museum reading how false Nazi propaganda convince Germans that they would have a better life as soon as they enslaved the Jews and other people just for the need to blame someone for the loss of a war and for being minorities. In one of the ghettos called Warsaw, Jews were required to identify themselves by wearing white armbands with a blue Star of David. The German’s closed Jewish schools, confiscated Jewish-owned property and stripped them of their homes.
The fact that after they decided to actually commit mass murder the SS…

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