Holocaust : The Holocaust And Holocaust Essay

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Supposedly, not as many Americans have heard of the Japanese diplomat named Chiune Sugihara, who broke his country’s laws by issuing thousands of unauthorized visas in order to let an accounted for 6,000 Jews avoid territories in Japan that had been occupied by the Nazi party. In contrast, many Americans have heard of other people who protected the Jews in the holocaust like Oskar Schindler, who only protected about 1,200 Jews by making them work in his factories. Artifacts that can be traced back to Sugihara and other people who protected Jews in the Holocaust will be put on display in the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center on International Holocaust Remembrance Day in order for the survivors and their descendants to remember this forgotten soul and show their gratitude for the efforts that protected them and their relatives during the Holocaust; however, Sugihara’s collection of artifacts stays on permanent display all year. If it weren’t for Chiune Sugihara writing unauthorized visas during the Holocaust, many Jewish bloodlines would no longer exist because their ancestor may not have escaped the Nazi territories around Lithuania. Thanks to the work of Sugihara these bloodlines still run deep today and hold many of the “most accomplished minds of our world” according to Richard Salomon, a family member of the 299th recipient of one of Sugihara’s visas and board member of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center (Kaleem).
In 1940, Chiune Sugihara was…

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