Holocaust Denial Conspiracy Research Paper

Lucia Dikaczova
Ralph Jenkins
Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories
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Term Paper: Holocaust Denial Conspiracy
Between the years 1933-1945 approximately six million victims had died in the concentration camps around Europe. Further, Nuremberg trials of 1946 investigated and prosecuted many crimes committed by the Nazi Germany in these camps, for the mass genocide known as Holocaust. However, there are people who claim that this genocide either did not happen, or that the reports about it were significantly exaggerated due to a conspiracy. In this essay, I will expose what it is known as “Holocaust denial” conspiracy theory and I will argue against it. I will do so by providing not only overwhelming historical evidence, but
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Until this day, not a single wartime document exist that contains an exact number of victims. It is not hard to understand why: to count numbers of deaths must not have been a priority for the camp guards. Further, in 1943, as “it became clear that Germans would lose the war, they destroyed much of the existing documentation” . Nowadays, the general estimate of six million is established by war reports, and based on addition of approximate victims in each concentration camp separately. The missing piece of evidence leaves a space for conspiracy theorists like former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who called the Nazi extermination of the Jews "a myth" . For illustration purposes, it is not only politicians but also writers and historians who are Holocaust conspiracy denials. Many other conspiracy theorists followed upon revision or denial of Holocaust, like for instance writer David Irving, Arthur Butz and others. These conspiracy theorists either doubt that a) that Holocaust happened or b) if Holocaust happened, the numbers of victims are greatly exaggerated. I will address both of these …show more content…
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