Hollow City By Ransom Riggs Essay

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Please note that while the cover is simplistic, it is intended to be as such. The novel contains a multitude of vintage photographs which are both creepy and shrouded in mystery. This was the theme I tried to capture with this CD cover.

Analysis: The first reason as to why I chose this song is that the music/beat is uplifting and almost innocent, in a sense. This is reflective of the fact that all of the main characters in the novel Hollow City by Ransom Riggs are children or teenagers, an often carefree and happy demographic. Secondly, I chose the song Waiting on the World to Change because throughout the entirety of the novel (the second installment of a three part series by Riggs), the characters’ relatively happy ways of life are threatened by evil and humanoid being called wights. The main cast of children in this novel all posses special abilities, like superpowers, and for this reason are considered beings named peculiars or syndrigasti. These peculiar children live in time loops (for decades if they so choose) made and monitored by peculiar women. Called ymbrynes, these women can transform into birds in addition to manipulating time. In a series of events described in the novel previous to this one, wights have been capturing ymbrynes, essentially destroying loops and causing peculiar children in them to flee. This is the case with the main characters of the novel. In my opinion, the aforementioned song speaks to the fact that these children are seeing their…

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