Hollitz Chapter 1 Essay

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Butler, Jordan
12 June 2013
Hollitz 1 Essay Although often viewed as inferior, savage and helpless, many historians are starting to discover the intelligence and wisdom the Indians had and shared with the colonists that came to America so long ago. As the settlers slowly began to create a new world on the already inhabited North America, they were plagued with starvation due to a severe drought in the area. Due to the dry lands and the settlers expectations to “rely on Indians for food and tribute,” (Norton 17) they were disappointed to find that the Indians were not so keen to handing out food and help to the strangers that have just come onto their land and begun to settle in such a time of severe weather and
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Being already on high tensions with the Englishmen for the capture of Pocahontas, the natives had had enough of the Englishmen and their selfish ways. The Indians probably held quite a bit of mistrust for the Englishmen and therefore were angered that they would try to convert them into the same monsters they had become, which they figured was a behavior given by their beliefs. With the realization that they could not stop the Englishmen entirely, Opechancanough decided to make a statement that they will fight back and are not willing to let the settlers barge in and take everything they’ve owned and worked for, for so long. As the settlers view the lifestyle and customs of the natives they are baffled and confused by their ways and the Englishmen immediately find fault in this before they really get to know the Indians’ ways. The English settlers retaliate against the Indians because they don’t want to convert to Christianity, so the Englishmen think they are savage and unruly. The settlers want the Indians to ‘saved by Christ’ from their appalling ways and when the Indians don’t want to, the settlers feel they have no choice but to try and rid the land of them, thus resulting in further animosity between the two cultures.
Overall, no one is to know exactly who were the “good” and “bad” guys because that is

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