Hollister Rv School District Analysis Essay

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Demographics Hollister RV School District (Hollister) is a school district with a unique demographic. Hollister has an enrollment of approximately 1,400 students in kindergarten through twelfth grade. Demographically, there is not a wide diversity in the student body, consisting of 88.3% White, 7.2% Hispanic, 2.2% Black, 0.9% Indian and Multiracial, and .6% Asian. While Hollister’s population is not diverse, its acceptance of the diversity is high. The most diverse portion of its population is the considerably high percentage of free and reduced at 74.2% (Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, 2016) Hollister not only contends with a high free and reduced population, but it also is challenged by a transient rate of approximately 50% most years. These two characteristics cause Hollister to be creative in how standards are not only presented to students but also in how units of instruction are constructed. The switch, district wide, to a Standards Based Grading system and more student collaboration has helped teachers to more closely evaluate student achievement, encouraging students to take charge of their learning. Hollister’s unique demographic working together with the instructional and grading strategies implemented has helped to shape its curriculum plan, raising student engagement and increasing student achievement.
The most important documents in understanding Hollister’s Social Studies curriculum and its effect on student…

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