Holland's Theory Essay

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Multicultural Career Counseling
Grand Canyon University: PCN-525
August 30, 2013
Cyril Worm

Introduction This research paper will summarize “Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice”; followed by a practical application of the theory to this Author’s life. Other than the textbook for this class; one other resource cited in the reference section was used to make the following concise summation of Holland’s Theory.
Holland’s Theory of Vocational Choice Holland’s Theory can be summarized as follows: In western culture what are referred to in this theory as, “Holland’s Codes”, make up one of six personality types (Career Key Organization, 1997) (see details and specifics in section two). Workers in any given
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So Author would theoretically want a work environment that meets the following dynamic specifications: 1) Theoretically Compatible Vocations for Artistic: Art Teacher, Musician, Advertising Exec. , Writer, Performer. Author would theoretically value likeminded co-workers who appreciate creatively relevant themes and ideas. 2) Theoretically Compatible Vocations for Realistic: Mechanic, Banker, Accountant, Farming, and Computer Repair. Author would theoretically value co-workers who are prone to predictable or outcome thinking. Example: Water makes plants grow when applied daily, outside environment. 3) Theoretically Compatible Vocations for Investigative: Scientist, Medicine, Biologist, and Chemist. Author would theoretically value likeminded co-workers who are good at science and math problems. The same is true for each example above.

According to Holland’s Theory the next most compatible vocation if personality is artistic for example, are the vocations that come next on the hexagon or Investigative and Social. In doing practical applications of this theory, this Author found that the Holland’s Theoretical Model supports true vocational aspirations and historically desired work environments true to the Author’s core self-image. Here are the Theoretical specifics and a short explanation to aid the reader:
Author worked as a

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