Holistic Healing Essay

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Seniorgiri Counter the Loneliness Yourself. Seniorgiri Series: Hobbies Holistic Healing Sujok Therapy

By Shobha Mathur Shobham@yahoo.com

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I am compiling a series of things to do - what to do to counter loneliness, in addition, how to go about it. The book about Healing 2 became too big. As it is inconvenient to upload and download big files, I have arranged the info in different files for each system Learn to Heal Part 1 Covers Energy healing, Auras, Chakras, Reiki, Pranic Healing, Islamic and Christian Healing. All of which need no or light touch. This second group also uses Energy to heal, but this needs some touching or body manipulation. There are eight systems covered: 1.
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Sujok helps in curing diseases like Arthritis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Cervical Spondalytis, Backache, Joints pain, Migraine, Hypertension, Sinusitis, Deafness, Paralysis, Constipation, Acidity, Obesity, Diabetes, Blood-Pressure, Menstrual Problems and many more chronic disease related to different organs of our body. It is good for curing as well as preventing diseases of physical, mental and emotional level using Hands and Feet as treatment areas. It can be used with any other system of treatment without any ill effects.

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Map of the body in hands and feet This is how the organs are represented in the hands and feet.


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SU JOK ACUPUNCTURE works in two dimensions The first dimension is physical healing system, whereby giving simple stimulation to the specific corresponding points in hands and feet, cure is achieved. The classical 12 main meridians, the 8 extra meridians, and their attendant points are represented on the hands and feet. They are known as Byol meridians and Byol points. This form of treatment applies the theories and experiences of classical with the new theories of SU JOK ACUPUNCTURE. The second dimension is at psychic and energy levels. These two dimensions, when independently practiced are effective in healing illnesses. However, the combination of two, in accordance with the situation produces more rapid results. Apart from the above

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