Holistic Approach Of Education : Holistic Education Essay

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The conceptual map on figure;2.2 gives provides the summary of this discretion in a schematic form.
The Holistic Approach in Education Holistic education stands clear that learners, need a wide range of skills to transform their living, and that of others around them. Certainly educating children is not a matter of flooding the market needs and fulfillment. According to Singh (2007), in the progressive changing world, learners need the capability to deal with the indeterminable future. In point of fact, a conventional wisdom pinpoints that a "holistic education" approach tackles all aspects of human challenges (p. 107) in life. Then, he went on to ask, whether an education, support learners to create capability, a useful key factor for the reconstruction of any country. The education system, scarcely provides learners for instance, with skills for commendable eating habit. That in turn, leads to the other question, of how often the education offers learners with the knowledge of avoiding the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drug that may ruin their health (Singh, 2007). A few aforementioned examples represent a segment of problems among others that children face daily, but not offered in their learning process. Schools should not create receivers of fresh ideas, as a substitute, instead support learners to ask questions in their learning process. Singh (2007) continues to argue that education should support learners in the creation of strong body and mind for…

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