Essay on Holiness Is A Day Of Purification

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Holiness is almost the same throughout the world and in different religions. In this situation though holiness is meant for the Sabbath or the seventh day. The Sabbath is said be the holiest day through out the book “ the Sabbath is an ascent to the summit. It gives us the opportunity to sanctify time, to raise the good to the level of the holy”(75). The Sabbath you can say is a day of purification for a individual that allows them to be more holy. “ the sense of holiness in time is expressed in the manner in which the Sabbath is celebrated”(82) which means that by celebrating Sabbath and the way you celebrate the Sabbath an individual is more incline to be holy because “ the Sabbath is all holiness”(82).

The reason why Heschel believes that world needs or is depended on holiness is because “without holiness there would be neither greatness nor nature”(76) or in other words because holiness is what truly makes us great. Not just that it is also a reminder for man that “ the seventh day is a reminder that god is our father, that time is life and the spirit our mate”(76) it is a reminder that god exists and that one day we need to die and met god, and pray that we did good yet “ good is the base the holy is the summit”(75) so in order to reach the summit we first need to do good which hescheal says that god has given us 6 days for and the 7th day he has left holy in order for us to reach the summit.

This will be difficult for a civilization to live without holiness. It is…

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